About Us

ZEEMAX VENTURE is a Technology, R & D Joint Venture between Malaysian, South African & USA University Research Affiliates, having a  track record of a number of successful PROJECTS & PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT in a wide range of activities in sectors as diverse as Engineering, Consultancy, Contracting & Supervision Services,  and International Trading.

ZEEMAX VENTURE,  having partners and associates in several countries of the world, has the main objective to cross-transfer the best available technology in many fields of Science & Engineering. While we give prominence to the promotion of Technology & Goods in a global context, we are rapidly developing a knowledge hub for Research & Technology from various scientific spheres of the world.

ZEEMAX has long-term experience in undertaking Consultancy, Execution of Engineering Tasks and Research Projects in many countries in the South East, Middle East, Southern Asian & Southern African regions. The major expertise of Engineering Division of ZEEMAX is in the fields of HV Engineering, Transient & Lightning Protection, Grounding & Bonding, Electrical, Mechanical, Thermal & Chemical Safety, Electromagnetic Compatibility & Microwave-Safety, Acoustic & Thermal Barriers and Energy Sources.

ZEEMAX develops new Materials and Technologies through R & D while it serves the clients that seek consultancy services through an internationally reputed team of experts in diversified fields.